South Asian Engagement Foundation

Current Impact

At SAEF, we strive to elevate the Indian American brand to be a household name. We envision a future where Indian Americans feel inspired by their fellow community members’ achievements while lifting up one another to greater heights as we pursue our collective American Dream.

A community of just 1.5% of total US population has outsized impact:
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IT professionals nationally


I dreamt of being a standard bearer in the broadcasting industry, and with the blessings of my family I achieved my American Dream.

Touchdown Media is a thriving, multicultural advertising agency. While building the business, I’ve honored my Indian and American cultures through a number of initiatives that would engage several communities throughout the country. SAEF was born out of my company’s ambition to transform the story of Indians in the United States.

Despite humble beginnings, the programs we’ve created at SAEF have become an invaluable, positive force to millions of Indian Americans by providing a platform to ensure our contributions are known to all Americans.

SAEF is a platform to grow programs and reach greater heights that further assimilate the broader American society with our community. Please support us if you are inspired.

Rahul Walia

Program Objectives


SAEF transcends generations because we never stop learning at any age.


SAEF inspires positivity and constructive dialogue to transform communities.


SAEF strives to leave behind more than we began with.

All American Diwali

SAEF Mainstreams Diwali  by bringing to light key Indian traditions through universal American values. A new American tradition was born on Nov 3rd 2021-one which we promise to be an annual occurrence henceforth. Visit for more info.

South Asian Spelling Bee

The South Asian Spelling Bee (SASB) is a platform built to showcase the spelling prowess of Indian-American children who for the past 13 years have dominated the national circuit and have come to be known as a spelling dynasty. Several articles, documentaries, tv stories and books have been done on the phenomenon and the SASB has been widely credited for its efforts in establishing this dominance.

Cricket Bee

SAEF endeavors to mainstream the sport of cricket in the US while engaging diverse diaspora communities through a competitive trivia contest that’s just as fun as playing the game itself.

Indian Independence

SAEF aims to enhance the relationship between the world’s oldest and largest democracies by illuminating an iconic American landmark with animation celebrating India’s Independence.